Playday TV - Immersive streaming games channel

PlaydayTV was a first of its kind on-demand television channel featuring free-to-play, ad-supported casual game play, a socially networked player community, hosted segments, with a dynamic 3D on-screen menu. All navigated using a standard remote control. Content is streamed via patented state-of-the-art technology to TV, computer and mobile devices delivering anywhere, anytime play.

As Executive Producer for Broadcast and Games, Ted Evans was responsible for production of all on-screen content and managed both internal and external design and production teams.

  • Client: Playday TV / G-Cluster Global
  • Executive Producer: Ted Evans
  • Branding: Ted Evans / The Syndicate
  • Art Direction: Ted Evans
  • Interaction Design: Ted Evans
  • Motion Design: Ted Evans / The Syndicate